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Trauma Deluxe Back Pack


Trauma Deluxe Back Pack with shoulder and lumbar padding, mole backpack straps and waist strap.  Contains everything we carry needed for saving a life or an emergency room visit.

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Product Description

Our newest pack is the Trauma Deluxe Backpack.  This kit is our most advanced kit and contains all the finest EMS products available.  List of items in the pack are:

Wound Seal Vial, Wound Seal with applicators, Combat Tourniquet, Wound Flush, Buffered Eye Wash, Regular Eye Wash, Eye Cups, Instant Ice Wraps, Instant Ice Packs, 36″ Stat Splint, Arnica Oil, Emergency Blanket, Trauma Dressing, 8 x 10 dressing, 5 x 9 dressings, gauze pads, non adherent pads, Quick Clot, Israeli compress, Irrigation Kit, Burn Free Face Dressing, Burn Free Dressing, Burn Free 4 oz bottle.

Bandage Pack (bandaids, alcohol wipes, bzk wipes, triple antibiotic ointment, hydrocortizone cream, betadine wipes, sting swabs) , OTC Med pack, Coban, Ace Wrap

BP Cuff, Stethescope, Trauma Sheers, Foreign Object Removal Kit, Hemostats, Pen Light, Cervical Collar, Black Nitrile Gloves, Hyphin Chest Seal,  Fracture Fork.

Additional Information

Weight 16 lbs


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